Happy Customers

Yesterday I went for my second treatment! Let me tell you about the office, it is the cleanest place ever! Customer service at its best, they are always available 24/7 they make the process smoother. The Facility itself is beyond clean and sanitary. I drive about 3 hours to go here! Zach will explain everything to you and during the process he makes you feel relaxed! I really recommend this place look no further. My first time there man the results were just amazing! yesterday 04/17/2017 was my second time I’m just waiting to see the results.
Alejandra Vasquez

Amazing all around!! Zach is the best! He went over every single process step by step and especially made sure you understand the after treatment. The office atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, I love it!! I recommended MEDermis to everyone seeking tattoo removal. You will not be disappointed!
Roxann Valdez

I have been to 2 other places and received tattoo removal but this place was by far the best. The laser they use is one of the best and you can tell if you’ve been to other places. Zach was awesome, super nice and really took the time to explain everything. Thanks Zach! I really appreciate it
KaSandra Ruhd

Zach is professional& friendly. He gave me all the information I needed to know abt the removal. Everything is extremely clean & neat. This is my 2nd tattoo removal. Highly recommend this place!
Clau Gue

I had my first laser removal treatment today, and the whole experience was exceptional. Zach Wells was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He took his time and fully explained the process and answered all my questions. The facility was clean and made feel comfortable. The process was quick and Zach was helpful through the whole procedure. I wish that I had not made the mistake of this tattoo, but I am happy that I had Medermis and Zach on my side. Thank you.
James Myrick

Saw Jordan today and was very pleased. Having been in the beauty industry and around laser tattoo removal for years as well as had laser tattoo removal in Arizona, I have to say I was impressed. She was very knowledgable and extremely professional. Looking forward to more sessions and even services I wasn’t particularly interested in before I got to talking to her. I would recommend her to all my friends.
Desirae Charbonneau

Simply put, Medermis Tattoo Removal are true professionals. Be assured that they will get the job done. Great staff that are very knowledgeable. They make each treatment very comfortable. I’m am thrilled with the results I got after just 6 treatments…my tattoo is completely gone! I highly recommend. Thank you Medermis
Bethanee B

With a tight schedule having Medermis flexible and running ontime has been a great help. I almost almost done with my treatment program and the tribal band is almost completely gone
Brody Taylor

Extremely courteous and professional establishment. I could not be happier with the work that they have done for me. If you need a tattoo removed, rest assured that they will do great work.
Jason Burnett

My tattoo is almost gone!! I totally recommend anyone that made a dumb mistake or even wants to fade a tattoo to go here. The staff is really friendly. They talk you through it so that really helps the procedure go by fast. I recommend Nicole because she is so friendly and I feel very comfortable around her. I have had my 6th treatment and If you get on YouTube you can see my whole process. Look for Ellie laser tattoo removal. Thanks
Ellie Sharpe