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With over a decade of experience in removing tattoos of all kinds from small to large to dark to bright. Each tattoo is very different, so each laser tattoo removal is also very different. Find out how we know the best laser techniques to remove your tattoo for good.

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Find answers to all your laser Tattoo Removal Questions in our FAQ. “How Long does each visit take?” or “How many laser sessions will my tattoo take?” and “What will it cost to remove my tattoo?”

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Medermis Laser Clinic takes pride in providing the best solution in laser tattoo removal and our customer will gladly share their amazing results.

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We hold the distinction of having the most experienced laser tattoo removal clinic in San Antonio. MEDermis has been in the industry for over 10 years and has done over 275,000 treatments in that time.


MEDermis Laser Clinic now uses the superior Spectra laser system (Lutronic), which allows us to target and control the intensity level of the beam, focusing the energy to break up tattoo pigmentation without damaging surrounding tissue. Remove your tattoo in less treatments.

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team-2Amazing all around! Zach is the best! He went over every single process step by step and especially made sure you understand the after treatment. The office atmosphere is cosy and comfortable, I love it! I recommended MEDermis to everyone seeking tattoo removal. You will not be disappointed!

-Roxann Valdez

team-1I have been to two other places and received tattoo removal but this place was by far the best. The laser they use is one of the best and you can tell if you’ve been to other places. Zach was awesome, super nice and really took the time to explain everything. Thanks Zach! I really appreciate it.

-KaSandra Ruhd

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