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About Our Certified Laser Specialists


Mo Livermore, Manager, CLS, LSO, LMA

(Austin & San Antonio)

Mo has over 10 years of Laser Tattoo Removal experience. She was introduced to Laser Tattoo removal in Miami while working with a group of internal medicine physicians. Mo received her certification from Rocky Mountain Laser College in Denver, CO.

Mo has been with MEDermis laser clinic since the start. Prior MEDermis Laser Clinic, we were called LoneStar Laser Clinic. MEDermis Laser Clinic has been offering tattoo removal services since 2006. Mo has successfully removed over 100,000 tattoos and has trained over 10 certified Laser Specialists who now work with MEDermis in all of the other locations in Texas. Mo is married and lives in Austin with her two boys. Mo has worked in the medical field for over 20 years, and she is very committed to patient care and satisfaction.

Iris Lopez, Nurse Director, CLS, LSO, LMA

(San Antonio & Austin)

Graduated with a BS and is now MEDermis Nurse Director. Iris oversees all of the clinics. Iris has over 7 years of Laser tattoo removal experience and has removed well over 100,000 tattoo’s. Iris has conducted many studies on how different inks respond to our lasers. Iris also heads our continuing education for all our specialist. All specialists are well informed and always up to date on the latest discoveries to achieve the desired results when erasing unwanted memories.

Nicole Mayronne, CLS, LSO


Graduated from the University of Kansas and has been in the medical field for 15 years. Nicole has 5 years of Laser tattoo removal experience. She received her Certification in Rocky Mountain Laser College. She has lived in Austin for the past 8 years with her husband, Jeff, and two daughters, Maddie and Lilly. When Nicole isn’t working, she spends her free with friends and family and cheering for her Jayhawks! “I LOVE my job! When I see the results of how our laser removes tattoos, I truly get excited for my patient!”

Dylan Donohue, CLS, LSO

(San Antonio)

Dylan was born and raised right here in San Antonio, Texas.  He studied  and graduated with a BA in Marketing at Texas Tech University. After college he worked at Custom Ink Tattoos and Piercings as a tattoo artist and piercer. Dylan joined our San Antonio team in the Spring of 2014.  He comes from the tattooing industry and has an excellent understanding of ink, and how the skin responds to inks.  When it comes to removing tattoos, he is equally knowledgeable about the effects of laser to different colors of ink, skin type and body placement.  Dylan says, “I take the same care and patience removing tattoos that I do when I put them on!”.

250,000+laser tattoo removal procedures completed

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